50 million Brazilians have lost someone killed

At least 50 million Brazilians aged 16 years or more have known, friend or relative victim of homicide or robbery, indicates the unpublished research Instinto de Vida, commissioned by the campaign and produced by Datafolha/ Brazilian Forum of Public Security. More than a third (35%) of respondents reported losing someone close to them as a result of lethal violence.

The study was baptized in reference to the Latin American campaign of the same name, presented along with the research, on Monday, May 8. The initiative, whose goal is to reduce homicides in the region by 50% in 10 years, is integrated in the country by Amnesty International Brazil, Brazilian Forum of Public Security, Igarapé Institute, Sou da Paz Institute, Nossas and Favelas Observatory.

“The homicide scenario in Latin America is unprecedented,” said the director of the Igarapé Institute, Ilona Szabó de Carvalho, at the launch of the campaign this morning in Rio de Janeiro. “We have prepared a guide for drafting homicide reduction plans with effective policies – such as smart policing; Prevention and rehabilitation policies; urban intervention; Responsible regulation of alcohol, drugs and weapons; And strengthening police investigation capabilities and the criminal justice system, “he said.

“We need to break with the logic of war in public security. It is necessary that our policies are focused on valuing life to change this scenario, “added the director of the Favelas Observatory, Raquel Willadino. “There is still selectivity in public security policies, and we need to change that direction,” he continued.

Four out of 10 men lost acquaintance, friend or relative

According to the Life Instinct survey, the incidence of people who know victims of homicide or robbery is higher among men (40%, compared to 31% among women). Violence is closer to the daily lives of blacks than whites: while 38% of the black population has someone close to them who was murdered, the incidence among the white population is 27%.

“If homicides grow, they grow primarily in the black population. It is necessary that the lives of blacks and blacks, of people living in the favelas, matter, “said Jurema Werneck, the executive director of Amnesty International Brazil.

Almost 16 million Brazilians (or 12% of those interviewed) had a relative, friend or acquaintance killed by police or city guards. Among people who have experienced such a situation, the highest rate occurs among young people aged 16 to 24 years. “It is unacceptable that agents of the State perpetuate the murderous logic; The campaign seeks to raise awareness for this perspective, “added Jurema.

The figures also indicate that at least 4.9 million have already suffered a gunshot wound. Regarding the perception of the population on issues related to violence, 94% of respondents believe that the level of homicide in the country is high or very high. Also for a huge majority (96%), governments need to come together to reduce crime and violence. All federative entities are responsible for ensuring public safety to the population.

“The data show that a perception about the high number of homicides crosses different social strata: this is one of the biggest evidence that we need to concentrate efforts to change security policies and preserve life,” said the representative of the Brazilian Forum of Public Security, Cristina Neme.

It reaches 78% the slice of the population that agrees that the more weapons in circulation, the more deaths we will have in the country. “The data points to a perception of society about the danger of more weapons in circulation in the country,” said the advocacy advisor of the Sou da Paz Institute, Felippe Angeli, who also affirmed that “it is important that there is a valuation of life and research In public security policies “. For 93% of the interviewees, the police must preserve life above all, and for 92%, all have equal rights, which must be respected by state agents.

The Life Instinct survey was conducted between April 3 and 8, 2017, in 150 small, medium and large cities. The sample considered is 2,065 people. The margin of error for the total national sample is 2.0 points for more or less.

Portal Vivos em Nós will pay homage to victims

The first activation of the Instinto de Vida campaign is the portal (www.vivosemnos.org), whose goal is to keep alive the memory of homicide victims to mobilize society in relation to the reduction of homicides. Relatives and friends will be able to create unique pages, with images, messages and information about the cases.

The tributes will be used to later generate content to pressure authorities to adopt public policies in order to reduce violence. “These tributes serve to remind all of us, as a society, that repressive policies are not the way. It is not for the bias of revenge policies that we have to deal with violence, “said the director of Nossas, Miguel Lago.

Campaign brings together dozens of organizations from Latin America

The Instinto de Vida campaign is a call to action aimed at authorities and citizens to reduce homicides in seven Latin American countries – in addition to Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela participate. In all, 32 organizations are part of the initiative, which is supported by the Open Society Foundations and organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), CAF (Latin American Development Bank) and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Latin America accounts for only 8% of the population, but 38% of all homicides in the world. There are 144,000 murders a year in the region, almost 60,000 of them in Brazil. Changing this scenario is as necessary as possible. Instinct of Life will promote public policies whose effectiveness is demonstrated by evidence.

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