Now, BPL Ration Card or Adhar Card needed to book World’s cheapest Smartphone

Booking of World’s cheapest Android Smartphone ‘Freedom 251’ @ Rs 251 closed for the first phase.

Ringing Bells mobile company received a record number of orders for phones and company officials are worried that how the orders would be fulfilled and looking for a valid reason to cancel many of bookings, sources informed.

Sources added that people have ordered phones in bulk quantity to begin their own small business or later to sell in black as only a different mail id was needed to place an order.

To avoid all this, now, in the second phase, the company is mulling over to mandatory the Below Poverty Line (BPL) Ration Card for ordering the phone at Rs 251.

Besides, sources also informed that if anyone, who has no BPL ration card, but seriously interested to buy the phone for his/her own use then he/she would have to spend more money but only for the time being and he/she must has Adhar Card for placing the order.

In the second phase, the price of phone will be Rs 2291 for Adhar card customers and one would have to pay the amount at the time of order.

Later, after deducting phone’s price Rs 251 and delivery charges Rs 40, remaining Rs 2000 would be send as subsidy direct to the account, linked with Adhar Card.

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